Monday, November 28, 2011

Morning Coffee - Privacy and Tech News

Stories about privacy, new technology and the social implications of computing gathered from around the web:

Does maintenance increase downtime? Coupled with poor documentation and human error, yes.

Tiny robots developed to study swarming behavior

How not to get an IT job - hack the employers system and threaten extortion

4 people in Philippines accused of hacking U.S. AT&T accounts and diverting funds to terrorists.

Higher Education
Mississippi state auditor questions laptop purchase that didn't go out to bid

System can recognize Human emotion:

I'm tougher than you are because I work at a startup.

Social Media
Venture capitalist uses the term "social proof" rather than "testimonial" to describe marketing - interesting for vocab reasons.

Good post about protecting "your" data

Palantir would like to aggregate government databases to fight terrorism

A future vision of airport security - cloned sniffer dogs, thermal lie detectors

Feds supposedly seize 130 domain names, why do we need SOPA?

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