Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BuzzFeed Allows for Back Dating Facebook Timeline Posts

TechCrunch reports that content site BuzzFeed has worked with Facebook to allow subscribers to backdate Facebook posts, enabling you to enter "events" like your first computer back in 1978, or other things that happened before Facebook was introduced:
Specifically, it’s adding buttons in a few posts to take advantage of the Timeline’s ability to backdate content. The first post with this feature asks, “What Was Your First Computer?” For example, you could say that your first computer was an Apple II, and that you got it in 1978, and that would be added to the relevant section of your Timeline. Another post asks, “What Toys Did You Play With As A Kid?
This is interesting to me because I am studying the implications of digital preservation on social media. As companies team up to encourage us to document all of our major life events, we should ask (at least) two questions:

  1. What are the privacy implications of preserving social media records forever?
  2. Should we trust the preservation of our cultural record and valuable personal correspondence to corporations?
Sounds like a dissertation.

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