Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Social Loot - All Your Base Are Belong to Us

The next wave in social marketing advertising is here, unfortunately. A company called Social Loot is hiring normal people to promote a range of products to their friends and families. Participants are compensated based on how many sales they generate. How annoying this is really depends on the people who choose to participate and whether they genuinely like, and use, the product. From the Financial Review Article:
In a nutshell, individuals sign up to the Social Loot website and are assigned companies to promote to their circle of online friends. They are then paid on a sliding scale based on the amount of traffic their posts generate, and the quality of referrals and number of resulting sales. This is tracked by a code embedded in the links promoted by Social Loot’s spruikers.

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Lee said...

Socialloot is a scam site. They gave plenty of excuses like 'you joined under a new account' even for first time participants and refusing to pay up. I'm thinking, will they refund the money to the advertisers or keep the money themselves. Do the math if you wanna be a free labourer.