Tuesday, September 11, 2012

App Publisher, Not FBI, Hacked by Anonymous

A small digital publisher called BlueToad, not the FBI, was hacked by Anonymous last week. According to CNN the claims made by Anonymous that the FBI was tracking Apple UDID's was false, and the subsequent FBI denial that any hack had taken place was in fact the case. From the CNN article:
[BlueToad CEO] DeHart said after several BlueToad identifiers came up in the data that hackers posted online, the company determined that it was the source of the hack. 
"Once we realized we were responsible, it was the right thing to do to come forward," DeHart said. "We felt it was important for people to understand that there might be a more legitimate source for that information getting out."
The hacked file apparently contained "only" 2 million, not 12 million as Anti-Sec originally claimed. BlueToad says it has stopped using UDID's.

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