Thursday, November 8, 2012

Internet Data Usage Jumps 120%

The Washington Post reports that Internet data usage has jumped 120% since last year, and one third of that bandwidth usage in the U.S. is from Netflix. From the article:
Internet data usage in the U.S. has continued to rise, jumping 120 percent in the past year. That’s according to a study from Sandvine, an analysis firm that releases an annual report on the world’s data networks.
The report also underscored a rise in online video viewing, reporting that traffic to Netflix makes up approximately one-third of the bandwidth use in North America. Other streaming services, such as Hulu or Amazon, make up just over 1 percent of traffic each,Techradar reported.
The article goes on to discuss QoE (quality of experience), which is code for bandwidth shaping, limiting bandwidth for certain apps/service providers to ensure "quality" for all subscribers.

The best explanation for Net Neutrality yet:

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