Thursday, August 29, 2013

Communicating via Brain Wave Over the Internet

Scientists at University of Washington have connected the brains of two subjects over the Internet. Subject one sees the screen of a video game, subject two, in a different building, has the video game controller. The two wore caps that sent signals to each other over the Internet and were able to play the game successfully.

I love that this story comes in the same week as major news outlets and Twitter are unavailable because the Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked their domains. Seems like directly connecting your brain to the Internet is a pretty bad idea...

Scientists at the University of Washington claim that they have transmitted a second impulse over the Internet from one researcher to another, allowing one to remotely stimulate the other’s hand simply by thinking. The university’s announcement Monday described a pilot study in which Rajesh Rao imagined moving his finger, sending an electrical signal across campus to his colleague Andrea Stocco, whose own finger moved in response.


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